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Covid Emergency - Erasmus+

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Students enrolled at the Master in Chemical Sciences course are encouraged to apply to the Erasmus Plus actions, where various positions are available in 20 European universities. They can earn their credits by following courses and/or by performing part of their experimental thesis abroad. Before leaving, students must submit a Learning Agreement to be approved by the Teaching Board: this approval is mandatory for the acquisitions of the credits.

International promotion and mobility  Office

Tel. 02 503 13501 / 13502 / 13495 / 12589

Erasmus/outside Europe
Tel. 02 503 13500 / 13494 

Erasmus+ - Science and Technology

Information on contacts, informative meetings, selection interviews and rankings for each Faculty or School.

Go abroad with Erasmus+

See  competition announcement, deadlines and all the information for Erasmus+ application on the University website: Erasmus contribution, prior to departure, during the stay, returning to Italy