Places and facilities


The programme is based in Milan, Città Studi, on via Camillo Golgi 19.



  • Elet, Room D, Room C, Room H - Via Venezian 21
  • Rooms V1 to V8 - Via Venezian 15
  • Rooms 601-602 - Via Pascal 36
  • Rooms 100 to 500 - Via Celoria 20
  • Rooms G11 to G30 - Via Golgi 19

Department of Chemistry
Via Golgi 19 - 20133 Milan


Teaching Laboratories

The programme includes practical laboratory activities.


The Chemistry Library is located in the building of the Department of Chemistry on Via Golgi 19 - 20133 Milan

It is the richest chemistry library in Lombardy, with three rooms and a collection of:

  • almost 5,000 specialist monographs
  • 176 scientific journals of the chemical sector, some from the beginning of last century
  • Chemical Abstracts both on paper and online
  • major chemical compendia: Gmelins, Beilstein and others concerning chemical and physical properties, organic syntheses, spectra, industrial chemical processes